Clash of clans free gems hack methods and cheats that actually works, How to get unlimited free COC gems

Clash of clans free gems hacks and cheats

Hi clashers!

Looking for free COC gems or some hack methods because you are getting bored with the tidy upgrading speed of your village,

Waiting for hours for a single upgrade to get completed by your builder and want to put multiple upgrades at the same time,

Getting tired to wait for your next attack as your troops and spells are taking too much time to go with you,

Don’t worry I will help you in cases;

  • Like getting on to higher level Town Halls,
  • Buying your next builders,
  • Boosting up the training speed of troops in your barracks,
  • Boosting up the spell factories and resource collectors,
  • To make your village more colorful and beautiful by decorating items…..

If I am not wrong you might be thinking will it be possible?


Clash of clans free gems hacks and cheats


The answer is


You can do these things only if you have lot of ‘Gems’ (The coc game currency).

In-spite of these things you can also purchase resources like Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir with gems.

Now the question is;

How to get Clash of Clans gems? Is anyway to get free gems by hack?

Of course it is! But “Not” in cases,

As almost all other sites are doing and advertising,

They are claiming, you will get unlimited free gems and asked for your account information,

But !

They are using gem generator methods which actually doesn’t work.

Well all this kind of stuff is fake just to earn money by making you fool!!!!!!!

They always redirect you to other sites asking you to complete tasks and at the end nothing really comes out.

So honestly don’t trust them and beware they can steal your account information.

Now I am going to tell you

7 real Clash of clans free gems hack methods and cheats that actually works, How to get unlimited free COC gems.


clash of clans free gems hack and cheats



Purchase COC Gems for Free, using Google Gift Cards apps Method:

COC free gems hacks and cheats


Google Gift Cards are used to get balance in your Google account, by which you can purchase anything on Play Store and also can be used to buy Gems from the Clash of Clans Shop/Store.

Although Google Gift Cards are bought with real money but there are some ways to get them for free.

There are many apps available in Play Store naming Free Gift Cards, Google free credits, Gift Cards app free etc.

In any app like these you have to download it and use it for sometime. After that you can uninstall it.

It will give you some coins which varies from 30 to 300 or more depends upon the nature of the task.

Now go for another app to get more coins,

When you reach to 1000 coins you will get a free gift card from google which may be of $10, $20 or more.

google opinion rewards app is one of the best app which I liked most.

So just download them use them and get your cash to buy Gems from the Clash of Clans Shop.

Clash of Clans Unlimited Gems using Moded apk:


COC free gems hacks and cheats


Moded apk is the best method to get free gems.

Moded apk is an android app just like the Clash of Clans game itself

But it uses a private server and works very effectively,  giving you real gaming experience as well.

The best thing is that it has everything that you want like free unlimited gems and recourses.

You will never getting ran out of any kind of resources you want which makes game more interesting.

In the screenshots you can see plenty of gems and resources.

To find more about it and download Click Moded apk.

Simply install it and enjoy with unlimited free gems and resources.

Clash of Clans Gems hack method using Bots:


COC free gems hacks and cheats


Coc gems can be hacked by using different types of Bots software’s available on internet.

It is a windows software and work by the help of blue stacks on desktop.

When you install a bots software and open your COC game in Bots it will link with your coc game account and it will hack the game’s server so you can control different things in your game like boosting of troops training, Auto base searching for trophies and resources, offline attack practice etc.

by options available in Bots  menu.

So there are some bots available for hacking gems also.

Some Bots menu screenshots are available below.

To learn more about how it works and for download links Click Bots …

Clash of Clans Gems hack using Xmod:


COC free gems hacks and cheats


Xmod is also an android app which is based upon third party developers.

You can find Xmod app at different websites and on Google play store as well.

When you will Install Xmod on your device then you have to open your coc game through Xmod,

The mod will hack the server and you will get access to different functions and features of the game same like Bots Its plus point is now you are doing it on your mobile.

There is a chance of hacking COC gems also. Screenshots of Xmod are given. Learn more about Xmod…


COC free gems hacks and cheats


Note: Using Bots and Xmod is at your own Risk. As these are hack methods means you are breaking game developers polices. So they may Ban your account. Sometimes you get banned for short interval and sometimes it can be permanent. So personally I don’t recommend you these two methods due to high risk of getting banned.


COC Free gems by farming:

Clash of clan farming includes resources and gems but as we are only looking for gems here, following two methods are helpful for you;

From Gem-Box:


COC free gems hacks and cheats


COC Gem Box could appear anywhere in the village and sometimes at the corner or edges of the village.

One Box contains 25 gems in it.

But it appears only once in a week,So always keep an eye on it,

Get your gems immediately whenever box appear because next Box will not appear until you *collect gems from the previous one.

Here are some of pictures which show how a Gem Box looks like, and a video description to show you how to collect gems from Gem Box.

From clearing Obstacles:


clash of clans free gems hack and obstacles


There are different kinds of Obstacles which frequently appear in the village, by *clearing them you can get gems. These obstacles give you up to 10 gems.

Following picture shows all type of obstacles in the game.

Some obstacles like rook, stone (with different sizes) are permanently removed once they cleared but other like mushroom, bush, trunk and tree (with different sizes) are re-grown and after 8 hours one of them appear randomly in the village.

Unlike gem box these obstacles have no limits, so multiple obstacles can be there at the same time.

But how much will you get gems from any obstacle follows the sequence given also in the picture.

Once this sequence completed, it will repeat itself. Following tutorial shows how to clear an obstacle in COC.


* Clearing any type of Obstacle or Gem Box requires a builder, so make sure you have any builder available/free before going to claim your gems.


Clash of Clans Free gems by Completing Achievements:


clash of clans free gems hacks by completing achievements


In COC there is an achievement list which rewards you lot of gems whenever you complete any achievement.

Achievements are basically tasks within the game which you can easily accomplish by just playing the game.

Where as an achievement gives you plenty of gems it also gives you XP (experience points),

which will increase your player level. In the list of COC achievements you can easily find out how much gems and XP will you get by accomplishing a certain achievement.

Following picture shows where you can find that list in the game…..

Still not enough gems? Don’t worry achievements chapter is not over yet…… Every achievement in the list has three stages and every next stage* will give you almost DOUBLE GEMS (even in some cases more than double) of what you got at previous stage. Here we have provided that list of Achievements in Clash of Clans game with amount of gems and XP stage by stage…..


*In the list every stage is represented by stars ,1st stage completed shows one star in the list in front of that achievement, 2nd with two and 3rd with three stars. These stars of achievements are also displayed on the wall of COC game profile of every player, which shows how much Pro-player are you!!!


Suggestion: As above methods gives you absolutely clash of clans free gems and provided by the Clash of Clans game itself, so you doesn’t need to stick-on finding any cheats or hack method for gems. So we recommend you to better go with these methods.

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