Friday the 13th The Game PC Free Download

Friday the 13th The Game PC Free Download

Friday the 13th The Game PC Free Download


Friday the 13th The Game PC Free Download


One of the most well-known slasher movies of all time is Friday the 13th. This title has been remade in different movies of the same title or a variation from the title. Due to its high popularity as a slasher and horror film, Gun Media has thought about making it into a game. Therefore, in May 2017, the company has released the game version entitled Friday the 13th the game. if you want to play this game then you can download it from the ocean of games. This article will teach you how to do that plus some overview and features of the horror and slasher game.

Friday the 13th The Game Overview

For the first time ever, you can now go into the world of Friday the 13th wherein you can control the main character to be able to change his fate along with his friends. This time, you will be taking control of a teenager. Along with your friends, you need to do everything that you can to escape from the hunter and killer roaming around the town. You will have to strategize and use the right equipment to survive as a prey from this dangerous predator. On the other hand, you may also take control of the serial killer named Jason Vorhees with your main objective is to be able to kill as many counselors as you want.

Friday The 13th The Game Features

Friday the 13th, being developed from Unreal Engine 4, contains stunning visuals and graphics that you will surely love. This made the game much more interesting to play. The special effects and sound effects of the game also improved the overall experience of playing it. As a counselor, you will really be terrified of the environment and be scared of getting killed by the killer.

System Requirements

If you want to play the game and download it from the ocean of games website, then you should first take into account the various system requirements that you have to meet in order to play the game smoothly on your PC or laptop. The system requirements are listed below:

  • The operating system should be windows 7, 8, or 10.
  • The CPU should be intel core i3 or higher.
  • The RAM should be 4 GB.
  • A 3.8 GB set up size is required.
  • Your hard disk space should still have at least 4 GB.

Ocean of Games Website

To be able to play Friday the 13th The Game, you should download it. To do this for free, just go to the website of the ocean of games. You can do so by clicking the link provided above. Just take note of the size of the entire game. It might take a lot of space on your computer or laptop to be able to install and play it. In addition, try to connect to a fast internet connection so that you will be able to download the game quickly.


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